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About me

I love a good story. I think that's why I love the idea of a wedding film. I get to create a short film and tell the story of your wedding day from every perspective. It's fascinated me from day one and brings me so much joy getting to create a video experience that feels fresh and new each wedding.

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Why a wedding film is important

The simple honest answer

Your wedding day is by far one of the greatest days of your life and arguably one of your busiest. You've spent countless months planning and preparing for a day that goes by SO FAST. At the end of the night after everyone heads home after a long night of celebrating you, what do you have? All of that hard work of planning and all of the money spent on the delicious food and beautiful flowers are now gone. You have a new spouse which is AMAZING! But what will you truly remember about the day when it's all said and done?

You should be able to relive those little moments you worked so hard to provide for everyone. Photographs are incredible things that we love and cherish BUT photographs are incapable of what a film provides. You can't hear your vows or the crack in the grooms voice when he says I do through still images.

Film adds an entirely new emotional journey through reliving your wedding day and we don't want that to go unnoticed.

This verdict was a great surprise to me. He is just as good and sweet and lovable


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Good and sweet and lovable and unpretending